Malta holidays 2014

2014 All Inclusive Holidays to Malta

Malta holidays 2014

The Malta holidays have gained tremendous popularity among the tourists owing to the presence of churches, bastions, and magnificent palaces. The cathedrals of the renaissance era and the baroque palaces are an asset for Malta.  Malta can boast of the Hypogenum which is considered to be a world heritage site.

The tourists on holidays to Malta can preoccupy themselves with a number of water sports like scuba diving; snorkeling and can make an attempt to discover the numerous sheltered bays and coves. The people of Malta are fun loving and full of zeal. They celebrate many festivals and this is a witness of their vibrant culture. The sun shines brightly on Malta all the year round. So if you are eager to sun bathe you are most welcome. You can develop a deep sun tan at the end of your Malta holidays.  There are many monuments scattered all over Malta which are of immense historical significance. Malta holidays will make you aware of the diverse traditions and styles, architecture, folklores and cuisine that constitute Malta.  Holidays to Malta have attracted tourists due to the presence of enchanting fishing villages. Blue Grotto is reputed for its marine life which is a must see if you come on holidays to Malta.

Holidays to Malta are great outings with your family. There is no dearth of things to keep yourself and your family busy. If you are a lover of history, you will be glad to see the rich heritage of Malta- Its architectural grandeur, its old paintings, churches, old buildings. If you are a water sports enthusiast you will be busy with the countless activities holidays to Malta offers. The cruise along the Mediterranean is another added attraction. The remarkable cuisine is deserves mention. It is tasty and different from what you normally have.

There are several sub destinations in Malta where you can enjoy your Malta holidays. The five most popular ones are listed below. Be sure not to miss them at any cost.

Holidays to Gzira

The Gzira is a suburban town located on the harbor of Marsamxett. Its unique position enables tourists to reach the resorts in the north east coast.  This town has derived its name from the Manoel Island that is located by its side. Also to the capital Valetta and the city of Malta. There are many resorts where you can spend Malta holidays in the lap of luxury. It is on the north eastern coast of Malta. Gzira in the Maltase language refers to an island.  It is famous for its yacht marina and the Embassy row and the panoramic view it provides of the decorated and well lit city of Valetta at night.

Valetta holidays

The architectural magnanimity of Valetta deserves special mention when you are planning holidays to Malta. It is the capital city of Malta. It is the world’s most visited historic sites. The best art works of Europe can be seen here. It is an extremely well planned city. It is known as the Fortress city. Valetta is referred to as Citta Umlissima or a city built by a gentleman or gentlemen. The commercial and administrative activities of the island take place here. It has a spectacular fortress on the Sceberras peninsula. Valetta is reputed for its architectural marvels. It is also known to be the world Heritage City. It speaks of a glorious past. It is the most happening place in Malta.

Paradise Bay holidays

Paradise bay is a sandy beach. You can reach there after alighting a flight of steps. It is ideal for walking and hiking. There are ample facilities of swimming and snorkeling here. Scuba diving is done here on a large scale. You can relax and be in casual wears always. You can go to the Mellieha Bay, which is proud to have the biggest sandy beach in Malta. It also has many of the interesting historical buildings. The serene ambience will help you relax here.

Holidays at Salina Bay

It is situated at the northern end of Malta.  The coastline is laid with rocks. This bay will draw your attention as there are various places for sightseeing. It is situated in close proximity to Bugibba and Qawra , so you can walk in the evening at the seashore of Qawra. The exotic nightlife at Bugibba is worth mentioning. This can spice up your holidays to Malta. This bay comprises of a large number of shops, cafes, bars along the sea shore. There are restaurants lined up that serve exotic Maltese cuisine. It is also well known for its enormous salt production. The knights of St John had formulated the Salt Plan in the 16th century. They are very much there till today, you can still smell it.

Holidays at St George’s Bay

it has the sole sandy beach in the whole area and so it is always very crowded. You can rest under the sun here. There are rocky beaches too. Snorkeling is done here by the young and old.  The Bay street shopping lane offers shopping opportunities. You can venture out to the clubs, casinos which are in close vicinity. Enjoy your holidays to Malta . The Bay street shopping lane here has a plethora of shops and restaurants. The casinos and clubs of Paceville are very situated nearby. You can venture out to these bars and discos. The glamorous nightlife at St Julian is worth seeing   and being a part of it. You should always remember to wear formal clothes when you visit churches here.