Dubai Holidays 2014

2014 All Inclusive Holidays to Dubai

Dubai holidays 2014

Dubai holidays are not only a business destination. It is mainly a family holiday’s destination. Dubai Holidays offers a lot in means of hotels, infrastructures and attractions. There is something for each member of the family. Dubai holidays have reached the “Valhalla” status among all other tourism destinations.

Dubai Holidays are very famous for beach holidays. There are many places in Dubai for spending beach holidays. But not only that, it is also famous for some other things as well. Dubai holidays are quite a popular destination for sports. It has avant-garde sporting facilities. If you are a sportsperson or just a sports spectator you should visit Dubai Sports City once if you have the financial support. Golf holidays are well known in Dubai.

Dubai Holidays is also well known for its desert safari holidays. These desert safari holidays take you deep into the desert on a Toyota land cruiser. The land cruiser picks you up directly from your hotel and takes to the desert together in the form of a convoy. The desert safari holidays will halt at certain points where you will be able to get down into the desert, watch camels, and take photographs. At the end of the trip to Dubai Holidays in deserts you can enjoy a dinner buffet and also some belly dancing.

Dubai holidays are a very popular destination for the rich and the famous, there are many activities and facilities available in holidays to Dubai that will please and satisfy the aristocratic tourists. Dubai Holidays have very high class facilities of beauty treatments. Dubai Holidays is home to the best luxurious spas of the world. If you go for a spa holiday in Dubai you can choose to stay in luxury hotels or the resorts in the coastal regions which have their private beaches.

The people who visit Dubai via Dubai Holidays they most often look for solitude. If you are one of them then you can stay in a villa for enjoying villa holidays in Dubai. You can go for a short term villa holidays or a long term villa holiday according to your choice. If you have gone to visit Dubai with your family then you can choose this type of Dubai holidays and villas to stay.

There are many sub destinations in Dubai that you must visit for your holidays to Dubai. But the mentioned below five sub destinations cannot surely be missed out for Dubai Holidays.

Holidays to the Hatta

Holidays to the Hatta is village is a must visit sub destination in Dubai holidays. If you want to know about the old traditional part of Dubai you should be here. The village is full of mud houses and palm trees which gives you an old warm charm. There is large fort at the centre around which the village is surrounded. In Hatta you can also visit the falaj which is an oasis surrounded by vegetation, an old mosque which is around 200years old and Al Husen Majlis where the guests of the governor of Hatta can visit.

Dubai city holidays

Dubai city holiday is another must visit sub destination in Dubai holidays. Dubai city is located at the crossroads of the Emirates. It is located at the mouth of the Arabian Gulf and is one of the seven Emirates. It is an oasis, an embodiment of sophistication and development. It is one such emirate that is highly developed. You can not see any part of this emirate undeveloped. Be it education, entertainment, information technology, transport, construction or real estate, each and every sector is highly developed. The city’s primary income is through oil and it has used that to enhance all its sectors equally. When visiting Dubai city you should be aware of the different etiquettes of that city to keep yourself out of trouble. Drinking is strictly prohibited in most parts of Dubai city. Women are not allowed to wear clothes which reveal a lot of body. It is considered bad etiquette to take things or greet someone with your left hand. You should not also point your feet to the person you are interacting with.

Jebel Ali beach holidays

Jebel Ali beach holiday is an important sub destination in Dubai holidays. Jebel Ali beach is the largest manmade harbour in the world. It is a small place but what is most astonishing about this place is that it has over five thousand corporate offices. Not only that, it is also the safest military base of the US army. This is a combination of a lot of things so it attracts a lot of tourists all around over the year from every corner of the world. After the Dubai government selected it as a site for a development project in 1977, within two decades it became highly developed business centres. But before going to Jebel Ali beach you should remember that the beach has a proper dress code. You are not allowed to wear bikinis in this beach.

Jumeirah Beach Holidays

Jumeirah Beach Holiday is a very popular sub destination of Dubai holidays. In your Dubai Holidays if you need a little bit of west then you should come to this popular destination. It is more affluent than cities like Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. Your holidays to Dubai will not be complete if you do not visit this sub destination. Before 1960’s Jumeirah beach used to be a place for Arab fishermen but after that people from the west started coming and settling down here. In the next few years it became a very posh residential locality.

Ras al Khaimah Holidays

Ras al Khaimah Holiday is another holidays to Dubai sub destination. This place is situated in between Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. This region is not dependent on oil like the other regions of the emirates. It is the world leader when it comes to ceramics.