Bulgaria holidays 2014

2014 All Inclusive Holidays to Bulgaria

Bulgaria holidays 2014

The top five tourist destinations that are very important parts of the Bulgaria holidays are:

Enjoying sun holidays in Bulgaria at Nessebar

This is a small town on the Black Sea coast. In the old district, many houses are in ruins and original Bulgarian construction: brick ground floor, upper floor of wooden slats. There are landmark windmills too. The old city is situated on an island and is connected to the new district by a two-lane bridge. From here one can reach to the "Sunny Beach" through a wide beach promenade. This city is a must see for all Bulgaria holidays. The Sunny beach is great for sunbathing and you can enjoy sun vacations to Bulgaria. If you love the sun and the sands, you should keep Sunny beach high on your list when you try beach holidays in Bulgaria.

The Gold beach, Perfect for beach holidays to Bulgaria

You can go for beach holidays to Bulgaria to the Gold Beach resort. This party resort is located only 20 km from the city of Varna and can be reached using Summer International flight connections. The holiday complex, with more than 100 hotels, 4 km long golden beach, etc., has developed over the last 5 years to the New Holiday Party stronghold of the Germans. More than 10 different discos, karaoke bars, a real party area and live performances by famous stars such as Party Juergen Drews, Markus Becker, etc. are accessible from May to September. It is safe to say that the golden beach is fast becoming the new Bravo in the Balkans. If you love the deadly combination of beaches and partying, you should surely opt for Golden Beach while on beach holidays to Bulgaria. You can take long strolls along the beach and can really rejuvenate yourself on walking holidays to Bulgaria.

Pomorie, Must visit part of all Bulgaria holidays

A small town 15 to 20 km north of Burgas, Pomorie is the Bulgarian location where often the best vacation packages are offered. Pomorie is situated on a rocky peninsula and is also frequented by the local population. For several years a huge construction activity is being observed. The center of the city was reshaped with EU funds. The beach is not quite as beautiful as the golden beach or the sunny beach, but, is still a not to be missed part of beach holidays in Bulgaria. Near the town is an ancient Thracian mound grave, which is very much worth seeing. Especially recommended are the spa options with Balneare that use mud from the Pomorie Lake for medical applications. These sludge applications can help with joint problems. 

Sofia, The capital

With its Aleksander Nevski Cathedral, Sofia is the capital of the country and is definitely worth seeing. If you are into golf, you can opt for golf holidays to Bulgaria and can have a great time at Sofia. Sofia has some amazing golf courses and even if you are an amateur, you can train under professionals and enjoy yourself while on Bulgaria holidays.

Varna, Not to be missed on any holidays to Bulgaria

Varna is another big city and hosts the Cathedral (Metrepolit Simeonsplatz) in the city center. The Sea Garden, a big attraction of Bulgaria holidays, is of 80 hectares. There are concerts in the city center and the Archaeological Museum (Boulvard Maria Luisa 41) in the summer months. Another big attraction in Bulgaria is skiing.

Skiing in Bulgaria:

If you are going to Bulgaria, skiing is the most adventurous activity you should opt for. Without it your holidays in Bulgaria cannot be fulfilled. Huge numbers of people visit Bulgaria every year only for taking the adventure of skiing. If you are looking for a ski holidays in Bulgaria then there are mainly three options for you. These three ski resorts are Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets. These three resorts are always crowded with tourists from all over the world.


Bansko is the largest among all the ski resorts in Bulgaria. This resort is located at a distance of 120 km from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. This place is popular mainly because of the intersection of three mountains –Rila, Pirin and Rhodopa. Bansko was initially a small town in Bulgaria bearing the Renaissance architecture of Bulgaria but after some years Bulgaria started opening their economy to international investment and this place has been transformed into sprawling ski resort with huge number of condo buildings and hotels. This place is mainly run by British, Russian and Irish investors. This is a great place if you want to have a pleasurable ski holiday in Bulgaria.


Borovets was the most amazing spot for ski holiday in Bulgaria at the time of communism but it takes second place after the formation of Bansko. Most of the tourists choose this resort for their ski holidays in Bulgaria because this place can be accessed very easily as this is located just 60 kms away from the capital Sofia. This is the great advantage of this ski resort. The bus transport from the airport to this place is very strong and if anyone does not want to have the bus journey, can simply takes a car to reach the resort for ski holidays in Bulgaria. The name ‘Borovets’ came from the word ‘Bor’ which means a big needle tree dominating the landscape. The ski arrangements are great although this resort could not make huge development because of the location as this is located within mountains. This is perfect place to give you pleasure in your ski holidays in Bulgaria.


Pomorovo is another great ski resort in Bulgaria which is situated at around 100 kms distance from Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria. This resort can give you an amazing skiing experience as it is located at the Rhodopas, the most beautiful and pristine mountain of Bulgaria. This ski resort is very popular among all Bulgarians and International tourists. That is why many people arrive in this resort for spending their ski holidays in Bulgaria. People can get a remarkable view of nature equipped with the large rolling hills from here. There is a bit difference between Pomorovo and Borovets. Borovets is built between hotels, restaurants and hills but Pomorovo is quite spread out to nature. The large hotels are situated at a distance from this place. This is the thing that attracts huge number of tourists for spending ski holidays in Bulgaria here. Not only skiing, one can get some other adventurous activities in these resorts during the ski holidays in Bulgaria. You can stay in these resorts for golf holidays in Bulgaria as many people like golf holidays in Bulgaria. One can take fun of walking holidays in Bulgaria too by staying in these resorts.