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Thailand Holidays 2014

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Magical all inclusive holidays 2014

Thailand holidays 2014 are a tourist paradise and a rich mystical and perfect holiday destination for any occasion. Diverse landscapes, rich tradition and a melting pot of history and culture is what gives 2014 all inclusive holidays to Thailand a unique flavour and make it an experience of a lifetime.

Thailand holidays 2014

With four natural diverse terrains, Thailand holidays present the opportunities to experience the majestic northern forest and mountains and the magnificent tropical islands of the south, holidays to Thailand will present a scenic splendour. In a word, your holidays to Thailand would be fascinating and beguiling. With 95% Buddhist population, you will get to know loads about the Buddhist culture. The sparkling cerulean blue water, the white sandy beaches and the burst of colours with the magnificent coral reefs will refresh you to the core on your Thailand holidays.

There are plenty to explore in Thailand and your holidays to Thailand won’t simply be complete without visiting vibrant Bangkok, pulsating Pattaya and Phuket, Chiang Mai and Lampang.


The beauty of Bangkok often surpasses all imagination –with dazzling shopping malls, gleaming skyscrapers, charismatic nightlife and best of culinary delights Bangkok is a buzzing city. With floating markets and international shopping malls it is also the business capital of Thailand. Your holidays to Thailand will include spending some exotic moments in this fascinating city of Asia. Bangkok holidays surely have a flavour of its own- a pulsating night life and the Buddhist temples together a unique feel to the place. The pot pourri of various attractions you simply cannot ask for more on your holidays to Thailand. 

Bangkok will present an array of activities that you can indulge in on your holidays to Thailand. There are ancient and magnificent Buddhist temples with engraved sculptures and mind blowing architecture that will transport you to the bygone era. Don’t forget to include the Canal trip to the Royal Barges, Suwannaram Temple and Wat Sisudaram temple. The canal trip is a specialty of Bangkok and you enjoy exploring the city on your Thailand holidays. Of course your holidays in Thailand cannot be complete without the Massages, for which Bangkok is so famous.

The Chao Praya River meanders around the city and is used by people to move to and fro as one of the major transportation system. Besides you will love the sight of the river taxi whooshing by. It would be fun if can take ride on the river taxi on your Bangkok holidays. Of course your Bangkok holidays won’t be complete without visiting the dazzling shopping plazas and will transport you to the world of glamour and glitz. There is the boat ride that will take you meandering through the city across the floating pumpkins and the bananas to the World class floating market at Tailing Chan which will surely take your breath away on your Bangkok holidays.


The next major tourist attractions that is an absolute must visit on your Thailand holidays is the island paradise of Phuket. A true slice of heaven the place offers the best recreation and relaxation options. What you will experience is pure indulgence on your Thailand holidays with the best of pampering experience. Great for the beaches, you can also visit the surrounding islands of Surin, Phi Phi and Similian. There are great scuba diving and snorkelling options that you will let you explore the abundance of marine life on your Phuket holidays. You will be amazed at the range of adventure activities on offer- you will get everything from horse riding and bungee jumping to water sports, from jungle walking to elephant trekking which will surely add a royal touch to your holidays to Thailand. Don’t miss out the Muay Thai show, the Fanta Sea at the Kamala Beach and the seafood platter on offer there. You will find some of the world famous beaches here like the Karon Beach, Patong Beach, Kata Beach all of which will offer you the best of experience on your Phuket holidays.


The other popular tourist attractions include visiting Pattaya- the extremely popular destination famous of the white sandy beaches and the cerulean settings that will surely take your breath away. There are a number of places that you can visit on you holidays to Pattaya like the Sanctuary of truth that boast of a gigantic construction with a theme of the Ancient Vision of Earth. This truly reflects the culture of Thailand. Holidays to Pattaya will include exploring the Underwater World; Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The Fitness Park or the Suan Chaleompaharakiat, The Bottle Art Museum which has a mind blowing collection of intricately designed glass pieces that are simply exquisite. The other must visits on your Pattaya holidays are the Mini Siam, Pattaya Water Park Lake, Siriporn Orchid Farm, Crocodile Farm and the Elephant Village.


Thai holidays won’t be complete without visiting the ‘new city’ of Chiang Mai founded back in 1296 by Meng Rai. The place is famous for reason more than one. Chiang Mai holidays will let you explore the rich ancient culture of the place. Replete with historical monuments, holidays to Chiang Mai will include visiting the World Insects Museum that even houses the smallest of the anatomies, Postal Museum, Tribal Museum and the Coins Pavilion.


Last but not the least your Thailand holidays will not be complete without visiting Lampang. Lampang holidays will reveal the glorious past with its many temples, monasteries and monuments. Temples like Wat Chedi Sao and Wat Phrthat Chom Ping are simply worth visiting on your Lampang holidays. You can make a day trip to Lampang and don’t forget to take a ride on the tuk-tuks and the samlors.


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